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Inner Solutions Counseling - Windy Ezzell, MA, LPC

Windy Ezzell, MA, LPC received her Masters Degree in Counseling in December 1996 and her professional license in February 1999. I am also credentialed to provide online counseling. Her training, experience, and general counseling practice include working with children, adolescents, couples, and adults.


Windy Ezzell, MA, LPC

Hello and welcome to Inner Solutions!  I have lived in the Wilmington area for 29 years and thoroughly enjoy being a part of such a diverse and welcoming community. You can learn more about my Counseling, Reproductive Health Coaching, Fertility Coaching and Consultations for Wellness Professionals services below.


I am licensed in the state of North Carolina as a Professional Counselor. I received my Masters Degree in Counseling in December 1996 and my professional license in February 1999. I provide these services in person and via a secure telehealth platform.

My training, experience, and general counseling practice include working with children, adolescents, couples, and adults to help them overcome trauma, depression, anxiety and other life challenges so they may live happy and productive lives. I have a special place in my heart for The Carousel Center having been an advocate and trauma informed provider with the center for many years. To make a donation directly to The Carousel Center so they may continue to provide FREE trauma informed services in our community, CLICK HERE!

My training, experience and specialty counseling practice include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), LGBTQ family building, Choice Motherhood, fertility support, male and female reproductive health, reproductive health across the lifespan, Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, infertility counseling, miscarriage, stillbirth, and other fertility concerns, including cancer and preserving fertility.

Couples or marriage counseling during infertility treatments is especially helpful as this is usually the first medical and life crisis a couple will face. The stress of infertility on a couple can highlight intimacy and communication difficulties with couples counseling providing the tools for reconnection and resiliency.

Third Party Reproduction screenings and evaluations for donors, recipients, and carriers are provided in office only. These follow a specialized specific protocol, so please email me or call the office for more information.

I have extensive training with a special interest and passion in male and female reproductive health, women's health, male and female infertility, and family building options.  I am excited to offer a customized Mind/Body Program for fertility, as well as Fertile Affirmations as part of your wellness program.

I am a long term member, in good standing, of several professional associations specific to professional counseling, infertility, reproductive health across the life span, mental health and telehealth.

I take a person centered approach and feel counseling is a commitment that we both will share. I feel as people become more accepting of themselves, they find true joy and awareness in their lives and I am honored to be included to hold space along your journey. Acknowledge, Embrace, Walk Through!

Reproductive Health Coaching and Therapy

I offer coaching and therapy for individuals and/or couples navigating the often tumultuous family building journey. When you are looking for support with infertility, family building options, Assisted Reproductive Technology (medically assisted technologies), high risk pregnancies, and pregnancy after loss…..I am here to walk the journey with you!

Coaching offers the following:

  • Space to think freely and dig deep in order to grow through to your next chapter.

  • A resource you can trust to help you navigate treatment options wherever you are on your journey.

  • Empathy and support from someone who "gets it."

  • Tools to passively and actively reset your system.

  • A guide to help you make decisions regarding your next steps in your family building process.

  • An ally committed to helping you move from survivor to thriver!

Consultation for Wellness Professionals

I offer consultations for Professionals that have clients navigating fertility and family building. Professional Consultation provides direction on how to better support your clients through the many types of reproductive health and family building challenges.

Professional Consultation offers the following:

  • A resource to raise your competency and understanding of the vast range of medical components involved in Assisted Reproductive Technology.

  • A better understanding of the unique impact of Infertility and Reproductive Health on your clients mental health.

  • How to provide patients with substantial tools to reduce the negative symptoms associated with building their family.

Contact and Scheduling

Contact me via For pricing and to schedule online, click below.

"Continue to let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel" -Maya Angelou.  


For clients navigating the family building journey…


Fertile Affirmations®

I created Fertile Affirmations® after witnessing the power of mindfulness based tools amidst several years of loss and struggle with my own family building journey. Along with supporting countless individuals, couples and choice moms on their journey to create and nurture a child of their own, Fertile Affirmations helps motivate and support anyone navigating the family building journey. Your journey toward a child may be brief or long, and is often filled with anxious thoughts and affirmations that contribute to a negative self-perception. Whether you are building your family through pregnancy, adoption, and Assisted Reproductive Technology, or need support Postpartum, these positive affirmations will help you create and experience harmony, growth and healing during this exciting and emotional time.

You can learn more and purchase here.